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Business Development
Business development means making your business grow- period
Whether that is through sourcing, acquisitions, licensing, partnering, the securing of funding, investing, sales or simply finding the opportunity to present your services, the first step is illuminating possibilities for decision makers.  They have to see what advantage there may be to a further interaction with your business.  It's more than knowing the right people- it's representing the potential with vision and alacrity attentive to that person's interests but furthering their horizon.
Are you a pharma or biotech looking to in or out-license?  Are you a start-up looking for funding?  Are you searching for a distributor or a partner to generate new domestic or global sales?  Do you need cogent advice on the commercial viability of a new product or service.  The Acoma Group can be of service either directly or through referrals to our affiliates.  Let's talk about your needs and how we may be of help in moving the process forward. 
                       Our initial consultation is free.
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