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The Succeed Program

You know how critical it is to set the sails correctly when you're racing.  You've got to get the best performance out of your boat- or you have no chance of winning.  But time and cost are a factor.  If you're an Early or Mid -level Executive looking to make the right choices or improve your deliverables, where do you go for cost effective coaching and career advice? 

The Succeed ProgramShort-Cut to Change Program.  It's a comprehensive, personalized, intensely focused program of coaching and instruction that will launch you into the process of advancing your career, finding a new job, changing industries, or improving performance and sales metrics.  We know you want value and performance- that's why we price this as a package and focus you fully on the process of obtaining that next position.  We begin with the intention of bringing you complete satisfaction and know you'll return again and again as you advance. 

Scenario 1 - You've just graduated with your MBA or PhD.  You're searching for positions but you're up against more experienced competition.  Or you're considering a move into industry instead of academia.  Is it the right move for you? How do you really differentiate yourself?  How do you get through to the right person who can see what your able to contribute? 

Scenario 2- You're early in your career, looking to move up.  You've had success but you're hitting a wall within your own company.  New opportunities are intriguing but you're facing a crossroads - how can you best mold your career when you're not certain where the next move will take you?

Scenario 3- You've just been downsized in an industry that is flat or perhaps shrinking.  You're relatively specialized and are having difficulty breaking out of your old industry into one that is growing more rapidly.  How can you approach a situation where you don't want to take a demotion or are being told you're overqualified for entry level ?

Scenario 4-  You're early to mid level in you're career and you realize this is not the path you should be on.  You see that your degree does not match well with the positions you've had even though you've been successful.  Or you're looking to change industries entirely.  How do you engineer that?  How do you compete with other candidates who better match the requirements?

Scenario 5- You're just starting a new sales position. Although you've been effective before, you're looking to take it to the next level.  Or you're under pressure to improve your metrics in your present position.  Or you've just gone into more of a business development role than you've ever had in the past.  How can you ramp up quickly and rise to the top of your sales organization?

Why is The Succeed Program different from anything else you've seen before?

    Because I don't promise to provide interviews, I promise you will find interviews and be considered for positions you would otherwise not be.  I don't promise leads, I promise that when you are done with the program you won't need anyone but yourself to give you all the leads you'll ever want.  I don't promise you'll close more business, I promise that closing will become the most logical thing you'll ever do!  I don't promise your dream job, I promise you will find the job that is exactly right for right now!

Don't depend on chance for your career success- Take Charge!

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-------The  Succeed Program ------

A special 5 session program designed to short-cut the acquisition of a new job you love or rocket your performance !

Session 1- Identification of career or performance goals, abilities, potentials. . Side-By-Side Resume revision is included.
Session 2- Approaching and expanding your network, targeting appropriate companies and leveraging people
Session 3- Approaches to securing multiple job interviews or multiple sales opportunities
Session 4- Pre and Post interview coaching so you ace those interviews!
Keys to closing sales- really !
Session 5- Negotiating salary and other compensation, on-boarding, the all important 'first month' and avoiding post-hire disasters! The most important sales follow up techniques that will build new business effortlessly!

Each session is 50 minutes conducted over the telephone.  Just $595

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