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Executive and Business Coaching

The Acoma Group LLC believes that executive coaching and professional development go hand in glove.  Businesses cannot prosper without talented people and talented people need the right approach to secure the maximum in career development. 

Executive Effectiveness Coaching is the answer to your needsAs part of the self-actualization process finding deep satisfaction in our work is related to our ability to contribute to our fullest capacity.  Although ideally there is nearly complete overlap between our abilities and our work outcomes, many times that process is frustrated.  That is true in straight line career development situations but particularly so when individuals look to change industries or size of organizations.  Our Executive Effectiveness Coaching process allows for the breakthroughs you need to increase effectiveness and productivity in all you tactical and strategic tasks.                      

Upwards of 50% of new hires leave within the first year- a definite negative when you search for your next opportunity.  It's not just the new company that loses- a couple of failed situations can reduce your chances of future interviews for desirable positions.  We help you identify and address problems before they become untenable. Turn a 'disaster in the making' into a 'win' you'll want to put down as an achievement on your resume!

Our Executive Effectiveness Coaching is Outcomes Based and focuses on self-identified needs.  The issues and interactions that command more attention than you would like point to those areas that will respond most readily to new approaches.  Our typical executive is highly capable and successful- but is looking for the improvements that will bring their performance to the next level.  We promote the Executive Cycle Model: decision, implementation, outbound communication, inbound communication.  This process is a loop as well as matrixed and occurs dozens of times each day.  Each is an opportunity to try something that may be more effective.  The Acoma Group offers assistance throughout your career.  We provide a client driven process, modest pricing, flexible hours, private, small or large group coaching, and sequential or one-off engagements. If you are actively seeking to shape your career and see your career as an opportunity to expand your abilities as well as your scope, consider our Executive Effectiveness Coaching !

Senior Executive Candidate looking for the next opportunity?

Executive Candidate Coaching  is tailored to the complex tactical and strategic search a senior executive will have to undertake to obtain a new opportunity.  We routinely counsel CEOs, COOs SVPs and VPs as they advance to their next position.  Networking effectively for opportunities, overcoming hesitation on the part of recruiters, and helping you navigating through the 3rd, 4th and 5th rounds of interviews requires the breadth and insight that will be provided on a customized per session basis for you. 

We deeply respect what you have accomplished in your career and help you maximize the impact it will have.  We offer the only patent-pending resume creation method in the industry that will make it seem as if you are sitting next to the hiring entity pointing out how a particular position or experience is exactly applicable to the new opportunity.  We also appreciate that few senior executives have avoided  issues in their careers and take a measured, strategically focused approach to helping you provide perspective for potential employers, possibly turning what you believe to be a significant negative into evidence supporting your most impressive qualities!

Business owner looking to optimize ?

Business Coaching 
is for the small or medium size business owner taking on the challenges of today's economy, for the administrators in  professional practices, for the professionals and consultants looking to grow their practices.   It's about partnerships that are not working well, about customer services issues, about business development, about networking effectively, multitasking and time management.  It's not about your specific industry, it's about effectiveness and asking yourself the questions that may be escaping your awareness. 

To be truely successful you need to be more effective with less effort.  We help you to find that path.

Our Executive Effectiveness, Candidate Coaching and Business Coaching- 
Partnership, collaboration, strategy is what we deliver.  Please feel free to email and schedule a telephone appointment to discuss what differentiates us from our competitors.


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