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The Acoma Group LLC provides contingent, retained or engagement executive search for permanent, part-time and consultative hires.  We know what you expect to see from us- the 'A players', the 'impact players' the top talent in any field.  As the 21st century takes hold, the real issue is pipeline... the relative lack of candidates qualified to perform at the highest levels.  You've already been frustrated with either the lack of quality in the candidates you've seen or their lack of interest.  And as the baby-boomers begin to retire, that shortage of experience will become more acute.  So how do you spark the interest of candidates?  How do you get to the right candidates in the first place? 

The Engaged Conversation-

Impactful people are busy- they may receive dozens of calls a month regarding different opportunities and if satisfied with their present position, respond to none.  The key method at The Acoma Group is playing on their field, engaging with them on their terms, at all levels of professional development.  We have the background of relatedness and industry intelligence that allows a conversation not about whether they want a job- frankly they already have one- but about their career, their profession, their plans and goals and how the position our client is offering may be the best means to those ends.  And if not, the quality of the conversation generates leads and referrals to other candidates that would not be available through other means. Most recruiters depend on call volume and quantity.  We turn that approach on its head and depend on the quality of our conversations. To put it another way, drilling a hundred half-inch holes will not get you through a two inch wall.  In a world where we're bombarded by information and being productive means screening out what's not immediately vital, The Acoma Group gets your position onto the right individual's priority list.  The Acoma Group is the tool you need to break through the noise and get the candidates you really want. 

So the candidate is interested in your position.  But that cuts both ways.  Suddenly he or she is open, receptive to new opportunities.  If they've resisted recruiting calls before, it's no surprise other positions now seem worth investigating.  They may be or will be interviewing at several companies.  How do you maintain their commitment to your position?  What makes your opportunity the one they will move forward with? 
You have a not so secret weapon...

The Constant Conversation-

The Acoma Group recognizes that finding and presenting a desirable candidate is only half the battle.  There is a real 'war for talent' out there, particularly for people who have the acumen related to relatively recently developed areas of interest.  To hold genuine management and strategic talent, one needs experience.  The problem is when fields heat up, the pipeline of experienced talent suddenly seems very lean.  It's just a consequence of supply and demand.
At The Acoma Group we are constantly in conversation with our candidates, looking for what they really want and bringing those relevant aspects of your position to their repeated attention.  People make relatively few moves in their career and  hiring managers make relatively few critical hiring decisions.  Our broad expertise in the hiring process means we maintain focus and work with you to move the hiring process forward.  We never hesitate to remind everyone what they can gain through a new employment relationship.  We're intuitive, not blunt.  We listen between the words and don't take things at face value.  It means we can offer not just advice but insight and be as much of a partner in the hiring process as you need.

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